Institute Syllabus
Session 1
Prior to Session 1 read Rebuilding for Learning™: Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching, and Re-engaging Students. (pps. 1-34)

What is the Rebuilding for Learning Initiative and Why is it Needed?

Key topics explored:
  • What is the aim of the initiative and why is it needed?
  • Objectives and overview
  • Why is a system of learning supports imperative for school success?
  • What is currently being done and why isn't it working?
  • What lenses need to be used to see what's missing in school improvement planning?
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Session 2
What is a Comprehensive System of Learning Supports? Part A: Intervention Framework

Key topics explored:
  • What are learning supports?
  • Blueprints for reframing intervention
    • Levels of intervention
    • Content arenas
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Session 3
What is a Comprehensive System of Learning Supports? Part B: Reworking the Operational and Organiztional Infrastructive Part C: Policy Impications

Key topics explored:
  • Part B: Reworking the operational and organizational infrastructure
    • Blueprints for designing operational and organizational infrastructure
      • At school and school complex levels
      • At the district level
      • For school-community collaboration
  • Part C: Policy implications
    • Ending the marginalization of an enabling or learning supports component
      • Expanding school improvement policy
      • Expanding school accountability
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Session 4
Intrinsic Motivation

Key topics explored:
  • About the third lens: Engaging and re-engaging students in classroom instruction
  • Motivation: beyond reinforcement theory
  • Understanding the motivational bases for disengagement
  • Re-engaging students
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Session 5
School Transformation is About Systemic Change

Key topics explored:
  • The challenge of getting from here to there
  • Phases, steps, and linked logic models
  • System change infrastructure and strategies
  • The importance of expanding the accountability framework
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Session 6
Designing a Comprehensive System of Learning Supports and Strategically Planning its Implementation

Key topics explored:
  • Developing a prototype design document for a comprehensive system of learning supports
  • Initial strategic and action planning for transformation
  • Institute concluding comments
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