Institute Syllabus
Session 2
What is a Comprehensive System of Learning Supports? Part A: Intervention Framework

Key topics explored:
  • What are learning supports?
  • Blueprints for reframing intervention
    • Levels of intervention
    • Content arenas
Discussion, follow-up, and reading for next session

Reflect and Discuss:
  • What is a comprehensive system of learning supports?
  • How might schools reframe student and learning supports interventions to address the needs of the many rather than just a few students?

Begin to map learning supports at your school/district level
Read for next session:
  • Parts B and C of Module 3 in the handbook (pps. 56-76) in preparation for the presentation of infrastructure and policy implications.
Use for capacity building and share with others: Tools and case studies:
  • What Might a Fully Functioning Learning Supports Component Look Like at the School Level? (Rebuilding for Learning™: Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching, and Re-engaging Students. (pps. 52-55)
  • Toward Next Steps in School Improvement: Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching