Institute Syllabus
Session 3
What is a Comprehensive System of Learning Supports? Part B: Reworking the Operational and Organizational Infrastructure Part C: Policy Implications

Key topics explored:
  • Part B: Reworking the operational and organizational infrastructure
    • Blueprints for designing operational and organizational infrastructure
      • At school and school complex levels
      • At the district level
      • For school-community collaboration
  • Part C: Policy implications
    • Ending the marginalization of an enabling or learning supports component
      • Expanding school improvement policy
      • Expanding school accountability
Discussion, follow-up, and reading for next session

Reflect and Discuss:
  • What is the difference between a case-oriented and a resource-oriented team?
  • What are some of the key functions of a resource-oriented team?
  • Why is it essential to have a designated leader for developing a comprehensive system of learning supports at school and district levels?
  • Begin to map the infrastructure for learning supports at a school/district level
  • Use the mapping tool to outline your current infrastructure. Continue the process after the session and do an analysis of how the current infrastructure needs to be reworked in order to develop a comprehensive system of learning supports.
Read for next session:
  • Module 5 in the handbook (pps. 93-110) in preparation for the presentation of Intrinsic Motivation.
Use for capacity building and share with others: