Case Study Interview: District with a Challenge/Gainesville, Georgia

Gainesville is working to connect student learning supports to the district's school improvement plans. District leaders do not agree with the perception that academic achievement and learning supports are not related. Leaders feel that the barriers children face regarding learning are multifaceted and real. This district wants to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn.
  • Windy Lopez, Senior Manager, Community Affairs, Scholastic
  • Merrianne Dyer, Superintendent, Gainesville City Schools
Institute Syllabus
Session 4
Intrinsic Motivation

Key topics explored:
  • About the third lens: Engaging and re-engaging students in classroom instruction
  • Motivation: beyond reinforcement theory
  • Understanding the motivational bases for disengagement
  • Re-engaging students
Discussion, follow-up, and reading for next session

Reflect and Discuss:
  • What is intrinsic motivation?
  • Why is it important for schools not to over rely on extrinsic motivators?
  • What do teachers need to learn in order re-engage disconnected students?
  • Observe a school and list the ways intrinsic motivation is maximized and the ways it is threatened. Then discuss your observations and the implications with your colleagues.
Read for next session:
  • Module 4 in the handbook (pps. 77-92) in preparation for the presentation of School Transformation is about Systemic Change.
Tools and case studies: Use for capacity building and share with others: