Case Study Interview: District with a Challenge/Sabine Parish, Louisiana

The district's school improvement plan is focused on raising student achievement in English language arts and math, as well as strengthening school and community engagement. Sustaining financial support for needed programs and services and having adequate resources for staff development pose as serious challenges to the small district. There are major social service gaps in this rural area. There are virtually no recreational or leisure outlets. The schools have, for the most part, had to fill those gaps.
  • Windy Lopez, Senior Manager, Community Affairs, Scholastic
  • James Wagley, Supervisor of Student Services, Sabine Parish School District
  • Clay Corley, Director of Student Services, Sabine Parish School District
Institute Syllabus
Session 5
School Transformation is About Systemic Change

Key topics explored:
  • The challenge of getting from here to there
  • Phases, steps, and linked logic models
  • System change infrastructure and strategies
  • The importance of expanding the accountability framework
Discussion, follow-up, and reading for next session

Reflect and Discuss:
  • What systemic changes are necessary for fully integrating a comprehensive system of learning supports into school improvement policy and practice?
  • What mechanisms are necessary in effectively pursuing transformative change in schools and districts?
  • Begin to formulate a plan for creating the readiness and commitment of staff and other stakeholders for moving forward to develop a comprehensive system of learning supports. If you are ready to move forward, establish a planning team and continue the process after the session.
Read for next session:
Aids for Design Teams Tools and case studies: Use for capacity building and share with others: